Passwordstate System Requirements
Please use the detail below as a reference to the various System Requirements for Passwordstate. Updates, including patches, bug fixes and new versions of the software listed below, must be obtained from the respective software vendor.

Click Studios strongly encourages all customers to establish and follow a regular software patch management process.

Web Server Requirements

Database Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Example Storage Requirements

The hardware requirements above are when hosting the SQL Server and Web Server on the same Host. You may be able to decrease the CPU and Memory on the web server if you split the roles, but we would recommend monitoring memory and CPU performance as concurrent usage increases.

Browser Requirements

Mobile Client Requirements

Password Reset, Discovery and Validation Requirements

Password resets, account discovery and password validation all rely on PowerShell for execution, both on the Passwordstate Web Server, and each of the servers/workstations you wish to perform resets, etc, on.

For a full list of requirements for these features, please refer to this document - Privileged Account Management Manual