Passwordstate Brochures

Empowering more than 29,000 Customers and 370,000 Security & IT Professionals globally, Click Studios Passwordstate is the web-based solution for Enterprise Password Management.

Passwordstate allows teams of people the ability to access and share sensitive password credentials without the need of additional complex security and auditing tools. Role based administration, end-to-end event auditing and the use of Unique Initialisation Vectors provides a secure platform for password storage and collaboration.

The following PDF brochures capture the essence of our Password Management Software, summarizes the features, and outlines the benefits to your organization in using our software.

Passwordstate Overview
Passwordstate Benefits Overview
Passwordstate Security Specification
Passwordstate High Availability Module Overview
Passwordstate Self-Service Password Reset Portal Module Overview
Passwordstate Remote Site Locations Module Overview (for MSPs)

For detailed information about our software, including the various optional modules please refer to the Products menu at the top of the page.

Only Click Studios Passwordstate, based on a consistent security architecture and utilising 256bit AES data encryption, code obfuscation, Hashing and Data Salting with true enterprise scalability can provide you with the answers and assurance you need!