Give Power Back to Your People

Click Studio's Password Reset Portal is a Self-Service Reset portal, allowing end-users to easily reset their own Active Directory password 24/7, based on the option of up to 9 different Secure Verification Policies to choose from.

In addition to reducing Service Desk calls, this module provides Password Expiration Notifications to remind users when their password must next be reset, tools for helping identify where user Account Lockouts are occurring, and also Trending Reports on portal usage and the value the module provides.

The Portal can be installed on your internal network, your DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), or in cloud-based services such as Microsoft's Azure or Amazon's AWS.

Reduce Service Desk Calls

It’s estimated that 30% to 50% of service desk calls are for password resets, with each call costing around $70. Not only is this expensive, but it distracts the service desk team from performing higher value tasks for the business.

The Flexibility of up to 9 different Verification Policies

A key distinction from other competitors in the market, is the ability use one or more Verification Policies to securely "identify" your users. Verification Policies are used when the user's Enroll to use the portal, and also when resetting/unlocking their accounts. A full list of the Verification Policies can be found here - View Verification Policies.

Password Policies

Want to enforce a specific Password Policy in your users? You can create any number of different Password Policies, which requires different password lengths and complexities, and then assign those policies to users.

The intention is to match any default domain password policies, or any fine grained password policies, so your users know what is expected of them when creating new passwords - on screen instructions are provided guiding the user through the requirements for their passwords.

Bad Passwords

Want to restrict certain password from being used in your organization? Simply add them as a 'Bad Password' into Passwordstate, and users will be told the password value is not allowed.

Password Reset Portal Overview Video

Self-Service Password Reset Portal - Passwordstate

Simple To Use

The Password Reset Portal is simple to use, can be accessed via a desktop browser or on mobile/cell phones, and offers various branding options as well. There is a simple three step process for your users to follow:

Step 1 - Identify
The user needs to identify themselves with the Active Directory username.

Step 2 - Verify
Verify themselves with one of nine different Verification Policies which can be applied to their account.

Step 3 - Reset or Unlock
And unlock or reset their account. If their account is currently locked out, it will display this information on the screen for them.

Try our Password Reset Portal now by downloading an evaluation of Passwordstate.