Architectural Options

The High Availability Module can be either configured in Active/Active, or Active/Passive mode, depending on which versions of SQL Server you have available to you.

When configured in Active/Active mode, users can update data in both web site instances of Passwordstate - Basic Availability Groups, or Always On Availability Groups are required, using SQL Server Standard and above.

When configured in Active/Passive mode, users can only update data on the Primary Passwordstate web server, and the High Availability instance is configured in Read-Only mode - This requires at least one instance of SQL Server Standard, but the subscriber can be SQL Server Express if required.

Below are two architectural diagrams showing the two configuration options.

Active/Passive Configuration

Active/Active Configuration

Passwordstate Architecture Diagram - Active/Passive Passwordstate Architecture Diagram - Active/Active


If using the active/passive configuration, the High Availability web site is read-only by default. Even though users cannot update data on the HA server, full auditing is still recorded locally, and then replicated back to the primary server once available again.