Supported Protocols

After you have discovered, imported, or added Host records into Passwordstate, you can then perform various Remote Sessions to these Hosts, without needing to type in your authentication credentials manually.

Simply install the Remote Session Launcher utility, create one or more Remote Session Credential queries (linked to password records), and your ready to start remoting with anyone of the following protocols.

The Remote Session Launcher utility can also be configured to use any compatible client you wish, with Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, Putty, VNC Viewer and Microsoft Telnet being provided as standard.

Encrypted Authentication Credentials

As login credentials are retrieved from Passwordstate, they are first encrypted, then sent to the Report Session Launcher utility, where they are decrypted and passed to the Remote Session client for execution. End-to-end encryption ensures your sensitive authentication credentials are well protected.


All Remote Session connections are also audited, so at any time you can report on who launched the Remote Session, to which Host, from what IP Address, and using which specific authentication credentials.