Account Discoveries and Heartbeats

Create a simple job in Passwordstate to discover in-use privileged accounts on client's networks, allowing an end-to-end PAM solution for discovery, resets and heartbeats.

The following default PowerShell scripts are built into the software, and you are also able to add your own for any custom infrastructure or business systems you need to manage.

Account Discoveries

  • Windows Hosts
  • Local Administrator Accounts on Servers and Workstations
  • Windows Services, IIS Application Pools and Schedule Tasks which are using accounts as their security context for execution or functionality
  • Cisco IOS Accounts
  • HP H3C Accounts
  • Juniper Junos Accounts
  • Linux and Mac Accounts
  • MS SQL Database Accounts
  • MySQL Database Accounts
  • Oracle Database Accounts

Account Heartbeats

  • Active Directory
  • Windows Accounts
  • Cisco Routers and Switches
  • Linux Accounts
  • Microsoft SQL Accounts
  • MySQL Accounts
  • Oracle Accounts
  • HP iLO out of band management cards
  • HP H3C switches and routers
  • HP Procurve switches and routers
  • Juniper ScreenOS firewalls
  • Juniper Junos devices
  • HP iLO out of band management cards
  • F5 BIG-IP Load Balancers
  • IBM's IMM out of band management cards
  • Dell's iDRAC out of band management cards
  • VMWare ESX Accounts