Password Resets

Password Reset PowerShell Scripts are provided as standard for each of the following types of systems/accounts:

Extensible Design

As the Password Reset feature is designed around the use of PowerShell scripts, it provides a flexible architecture where customers can modify the default scripts provided for their own environment, or create their own to meet the requirements of their own infrastructure.

Connecting to Windows Servers to perform password resets, simply uses the power of PowerShell Remoting - which a lot of customers already use to manage their environment. Connecting to Linux/Unix/Routers/Switches can be achieved via SSH logins directly from the PowerShell Reset script, an connecting to database servers uses standard connectivity methods available in PowerShell and .NET.

Password Validation

In addition to performing Password Resets, you can also perform On-Demand or Scheduled validation (Heartbeat Validation) of the accuracy of passwords in your environment. Password Validations can be done for:

Account Discovery

To automate the process of performing Password Resets in your environment, there are several 'Discovery Jobs' available to discover the following account types on your network:

The Discovery Jobs have many filtering options available, and can also be configured to only send you an email report initially, without importing any account credentials into Passwordstate.