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SecurID, DUO Push, AuthAnvil
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Web Based Enterprise Password Management Software Solutions

Passwordstate is an on-premise solution for password management, providing a dynamic approach to how you secure your information where teams of people can access and share sensitive, privileged account resources. Role based administration and end-to-end event auditing provides a secure storage and collaboration platform.

Using our web based password manager software for enterprise, you can safeguard your corporate or personal privileged accounts, documents and digital identities using 256bit AES encryption and store them in our secure safe/vault. Being able to securely store, share and reset passwords just about everywhere makes our software the enterprise password vault manager of choice.

Passwordstate also provides a range of features including discovering accounts and resources on your network, extensible password reset server architecture, an API for integrating into your own scripting environment, mobile client, browser extensions for logging into web sites, remote sessions to hosts, a range of two-factor authentication options, and many more features you can view here – Feature Overview.

Privileged enterprise password manager software as safe as a vault

We have engaged with multiple external security companies, performing various levels of application penetration testing to ensure our corporate password management vault software solutions are secure. This gives you the confidence to store all your corporate passwords, and to comply with any compliance acts required of your business or organisation. Our solutions are appropriate for organisations of all sizes and are used globally across many industry sectors.

The benefits of Password manager software for enterprise level businesses and servers

Passwordstate simplifies business operations by providing a simple password management system that can be integrated into your existing business processes. Designed specifically for enterprise-level businesses, the software provides a layer of security that is simply not found elsewhere.

Control user permissions

Granular role based access and permissions is possible via user's accounts, or security groups. All users require different levels of access, for which Passwordstate simplifies access management, reporting and compliance.

Connect Passwordstate with your whole IT network

Directly link the software with external business websites, IT resources, infrastructure and applications. 20 different systems are currently supported for managing account credentials on remote systems, with a flexible scripting architecture to extend beyond this.

The software utilises one centralised storage location for all data

In one centralised vault, you’ll have access to all the information needed about the system.

Enforce strong passwords

Security personnel may mandate certain rules to enforce password strength policies and requirements. When these rules are in place, staff will not be able to create and store passwords that are easily guessed or penetrable, further enhancing the security of your company's IT systems.

Protecting business passwords is vital for the integrity of your business’s IT infrastructure and systems.

Research shows the majority of compromised passwords are generally via the backend file or database system, rather than at the client end. Requiring your users to remember many passwords, invariably results in passwords resets required for many accounts, as they are no longer able to authenticate with the required credentials.

Click Studios’ web based enterprise password management software eliminates the need to memorise countless passwords; the vault keeps all the details safe, authenticating across a range of systems when needed and ensuring that complex passwords are used to secure business and server data. In this way, you can ensure a password safe enterprise server to rely on for best practices for your business.

Relied on by industry leaders as the solution to protect privileged enterprise data

We have a long list of top-level corporate clients that use our system to keep passwords safe. Passwordstate enterprise password vault software can be used across a wide range of industries, where security is paramount:

  • Banking and finance
  • Insurance
  • Aerospace
  • Legal
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Retail
  • Automotive, and;
  • A variety of government departments

Passwordstate provides peace of mind, by protecting your enterprise’s confidential corporate information. Regardless of your business’s size, Passwordstate ensures every piece of data is protected using industry standard encryption, meeting various regulatory compliance standards.

Find out more today

Need some further information about our reset server software, or need some advice about privileged password management software for business in general? Please don’t hesitate to contact us on +61 8 8120 0630. Passwordstate is a server password manager software solution that provides your business the security it needs. Alternatively, send us an email at sales@clickstudios.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Latest News

November 17th 2016 - build 7798 Released
5 new updates, and 4 bug fixes in this release. Please visit Passwordstate Changelog for more information.

Octeboer 18th 2016 - build 7789 Released
6 new updates, and 10 bug fixes in this release. Please visit Passwordstate Changelog for more information.

September 20th 2016 - build 7773 Released
1 new bug fix in this release. Please visit Passwordstate Changelog for more information.

September 19th 2016 - build 7772 Released
4 new updates, and 5 bug fixes in this release. Please visit Passwordstate Changelog for more information.