Remote Site Locations

Passwordstate as a PAM solution (Privileged Account Management), can securely store your sensitive privileged passwords, with end-to-end management of accounts via discovery and regular scheduled password resets.

Our Remote Site Locations module also provides a PAM solution for disconnected networks, which are either firewalled on your internal network, or firewalled over the Internet. This module is ideal for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), as it significantly reduces the amount of time to managed these privileged resources over customer's disconnected networks. The simple process of scheduling password resets across all client's networks when a technician leaves your organization, saves a significant amount of time and money compared to performing this process manually. Typically accounts are not reset under these circumstances, because of the difficulty in doing so.

With the simple silent deployment of one agent per remote site location, you can easily perform account discoveries, password resets, account heartbeats, and remote session management directly from within the Passwordstate User Interface - no web sites or databases needs to be deployed remotely. A summary of the features available with the Remote Site Locations module are:

Remote Site Locations Overview Remote Session Management Video

Try our Remote Site Locations module now by downloading an evaluation of Passwordstate.