Verification Policies

A key aspect to a Password Reset Portal platform, is being able to securely identify who the user is, prior to allowing them to reset or unlock their Active Directory account.

Click Studios provides 9 different Verification Policies, which can be applied to different sets of users, each based on industry standard two-factor authentication methods, or other methods for verifiying a user. The following Verification Policies are available:

  • Duo Push Authentication
  • Email Temporary Pin Code
  • Google Authenticator
  • One-Time Password (based on the TOTP and HOTP standards)
  • PIN Number (with configurable length)
  • Questions and Answers
  • RADIUS Authentication
  • RSA SecurID Authentication
  • SAML 2 Authentication

Enrollment Email Templates

Each Verification Policy can also have its own customized enrollment email template, which can be sent to users with instructions of how to enroll. There are three enrollment emails in total, each being sent on different configurable schedules to remind them enrollment is still required.