Simple, Hassle-Free Web Site Logins

Once you've installed the Passwordstate Browser Extension, you simply need to specify a couple of settings so the Extension can interact with your main Passwordstate instance. Once done, you can save web site login credentials into a Password List you choose, and the auto-filling of your login credentials will work next time you visit the web site.

The browser extenions also support Password Updates from web sites, and you can also retrieve One-Time Password codes if your Password Lists are configured to support these.

The following images demonstrates some of the features the Browser extension has:

Saving a website login

Searching through your Password Vault for a specific Web site to browse to

A new icon overlay allows you to quickly select a credential to login with

Generate Long, Strong Passwords

As there's no need to remember your web site passwords anymore, you can generate new long and secure passwords right from within the Browser Extension menu. The passwords generated here are based on your personal Password Generator settings within Passwordstate - so simply adjust the settings to make your passwords as secure as possible.