Passwordstate Annual Support and Upgrade Protection
Active Annual Support and Upgrade Protection entitles you to:
Technical support, how to questions, and general enquiries, and software updates and upgrades: Bug fixes, performance improvements, new features and Update/Upgrade releases are included for the support period.

Note 1: If Click Studios determines a customer is logging an excessive number of support calls, Click Studios reserves the rights to limit the number of support calls logged, or provide an alternative paid option for the higher volumes of calls.
Note 2: You must have active Annual Support and Upgrade Protection with Click Studios to receive technical support, or assistance of any kind.
Note 3: Technical support is initiated via our Passwordstate Support Portal. Our Technical Support team will then liaise with you via email for the life of that Support Ticket. If issues cannot be resolved in this manner Click Studios will assess the situation, determine if scheduled calls or remote sessions will be required and organize these with the customer during the standard support hours listed below.

Support Portal Tickets
Responses between Mon-Fri, 6:00am-6:00pm UTC +09:30 (Adelaide, Australia).
Passwordstate Support Portal:

Phone Support
Available Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:00pm UTC +09:30 (Adelaide, Australia).
Phone: +61 88120 0630

Terms of coverage
Annual Support and Upgrade Protection provides you with the following:

Supported versions: Only the current major version and one previous version and their associated add-ons (within 90 days of release of the current version) are supported.
Term: Service is provided for one year from your date of purchase.
Scope: Technical support is limited to the reporting and correction of product defects and installation and configuration assistance.
Updates & Upgrades: All Updates & Upgrades (bug fixes, maintenance releases, and new feature versions) are included.
Response time: If your Support Ticket is generated between the support hours described above, you'll will receive a response within 2 hours. If outside of standard support hours, we guarantee a 24 hour response - and generally it's within 12 hours
Non-transferable: Annual Support and Upgrade Protection cannot be transferred or reassigned. It only applies to the specific covered product(s) duly licensed from Click Studios.
Third party products: You are not covered for third party applications, hardware, or use of Click Studios software in unsupported environments.
Limitation of liability: Click Studios’s cumulative liability to you, or any other party, for any loss or damages resulting from any claims, demands or actions arising out of or relating to Annual Support and Upgrade Protection shall not exceed the amount paid to Click Studios for Annual Support and Upgrade Protection.

Please note that expired Annual Support and Upgrade Protection is subject to a reinstatement fee in order to reactivate your coverage.

Extended Support
Extended technical support can be purchased for $1,500.00 USD annually, and entitles you to:

Scope: Extended Support is additional to the Annual Support and Upgrade Protection coverage detailed above, provides 24x7 extended support hours, 7 days a week.
Limitations: The scope of Extended Support is for critical events where the Passwordstate web site is not accessible for all users, even after every attempt has been made to restore your system from the last known good backup. Any minor events/issues logged as part of the Extended Support will incur a charge of $250.00 USD per hour, with a minimum charge of 3 hours.

Recommendations: If performing administrative tasks such as upgrades during the extended support period, it is recommended you read and follow the upgrade instructions and ensure your web and database tiers are backed up prior to performing upgrades. If an Extended Support request is logged due to instructions not being followed correctly, additional charges may apply.
Support Request Process: Extended Support requests can only be logged by calling our Extended Support phone number, and the call will be routed to the on-call engineer. The Extended Support Phone Number will be provided to you once Extended Support has been purchased. Support Ticket requests will not be processed during Extended Support Hours.

If you would like to purchase Extended Support, please contact us at

Note: Extended Support is not available with the "Free for 5 Users" version of Passwordstate, and Click Studio reservers the right to determine (a) which customers qualify for Extended Support and (b) modify the basis of Extended Support without prior or written notice.