Purchase Orders Instructions

To place an order via Purchase Order, please consider the required information below before submitting your Purchase Order with us.

Address the Purchase Order to:
Click Studios (SA) Pty Ltd
Level 2, 70 Hindmarsh Square,
Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
We need information about your company:
Company Name
Company Billing Address
We only deliver invoices electronically, so we need:
Contact Person's Name
Contact E-mail address
We also need details for the order
The product name and quantity
The quote number
All prices in US dollars
Please remember your
Purchase Order No
We deliver our product
So there's no need to specify Shipping address
The purchaser is responsible for any applicable sales tax if outside of Australia

We must receive a copy of your PO and payment before we can issue your license keys. The Enterprise License Trial can be extended, if required, while you're organizing for payment to go through. Please email your PO to Click Studios Sales

The terms and conditions under which we accept purchase orders are subject to change without notice. If payment is not received within the period specified on the invoice, your Company will be in breach of the EULA if using the commercially supplied license keys.

Terms and Conditions
All purchases from Click Studios are governed by the respective product EULA. By submitting a PO to Click Studios you agree that Click Studios’s License Agreement shall have precedence over any other Terms and Conditions between the Buyer and Seller. In the event of any inconsistencies between Click Studios’s License Agreement and the Terms and Condition on the PO, Click Studios’s License Agreement shall prevail.

Payment Methods
For Purchase Orders we accept payment via Bank (Wire) Transfer & Credit Card payments. Please contact us if you would like to pay via credit card, and we will provide you with a URL where you can pay online. Click Studios’s Bank details are included in the Invoice.

Payment Terms
Once we receive your purchase order, we will provide you with an Invoice which references your PO Number. Once payment has been received, Click Studios will forward you your license keys. We do not accept purchase orders as form of payment. We provide fully functional evaluation licenses for you to use while payment is being arranged. We are able to keep our prices low by offering a standard End User Agreement to all our customers and do not offer commercial credit.

Our payment terms are Net 30-day and we accept payment by Bank Transfer & Credit Card payment. Once full payment is received, we will issue the license keys and email the nominated billing and technical contacts.
W8 & W9 Forms
Customers from the United States may require a W9 form for taxation purposes. W9 forms are for US Citizens only and Click Studios is located in Australia. Instead you will require the following W8 form for the IRS:

W-8BEN-E: Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding

Note: As Click Studios is an Australian based company, this W9 document is not applicable in Australia, and the IRS will have no knowledge of our company or tax details.