Live Web Site and Database Backups

In order to make use of the Live Backup feature in Passwordstate, you must configure Passwordstate to use an account which has access to write the backup files to a Windows Share that you specify. Once done on-demand or scheduled backups can occur for all the files stored in the Passwordstate Folder, plus the Passwordstate SQL Database.

Backups can be password protected in Zip files, and zip files for all the files, and database, can be send to different backup paths if required.

If you have your own solutions for performing SQL Server backups, there is also an option to exclude this during the Passwordstate backups.

Restoring from a Backup

Depending on the nature of the event requiring you to restore your environment, performing the backups is a relatively easy process. Full documentation is provided, and you can restore just the database, and/or all the Passwordstate web files if required.

Even in the event your entire Active Directory domain is unavailable, which is extremely unlikely, it's still possible to restore your Passwordstate environment and access all data with the use of the Emergency Access login - which has no reliance on Active Directory at all.