Password Strength Policies

Password Strength Policies are used as a set of rules for determining the strength of a Password. Once a policy is created, it can be applied to one or more Password Lists. Each of the settings below can be weighted differently, allowing you to build a policy which makes sense for the environment the passwords relate to:

Password Generator Policies

Password Generator Policies are used as a set of rules for generating random passwords within the system. Once a policy is created, it can be assigned to one or more Password Lists, or users can simply select the policy when they need to generate random passwords on mass. These policies can also be called via the API to generate passwords. The type of settings available are:

User Account Policies

User Account Policies are used to control various user settings as they relate to their 'Preferences' area, and 'Screen Options' for Password List and Folders. There are a total of 31 different User Account Policy settings which can be applied to individual user accounts, or security groups.

Password Lists Template Policies

Password List Templates can be used to apply consistency to settings for your Password Lists, and accessing the Templates from within the Administration area allows you to see all Templates created by all users. Templates can be used in the following way:

Email Notification Group Policies

Email Notification Group Policies are used to manage any/all of the 47 real-time email notifications that can be generated from within Passwordstate. These policies allows you fine control over which emails users receive.