Passwordstate Training Videos
Please click on any of the images below to view the training video. If there are any other videos you would like to see, please don't hestitate to contact us via the Support page.

Passwordstate 8 Basic Training Videos

Passwordstate Demo (14:46)

User Interface Overview (1:51)

Folders and Password Lists (2:43)

Private or Shared Lists (2:39)

Password List Overview (5:49)

Favorite Passwords and Lists (1:36)

Adding Passwords (1:49)

Searching for Passwords (2:02)

Searching Navigation Tree (1:38)

Permissions in Passwordstate (7:14)

Additional Tools and Features

Password History (1:16)

Password Checkout Feature (2:55)

Cloning Folder Structure (0:51)

Browser Extensions (5:11)

Remote Launcher with SQL(3:44)

Browser Based Launcher (6:38)

Client Based Launcher (5:51)

Remote Launcher Tips (4:56)

Host Discoveries (5:19)

Account Discoveries (9:20)

Remote Site Locations (6:37)

Security Administrator Training Videos

Installing Passwordstate 8 (8:02)

Demo of In-Place Upgrade (2:28)

Manual Upgrade Process (3:12)

Using Emergency Access (2:38)

Using Security Groups (3:13)

Configuring Gateway (6:16)