Passwordstate Installation Explained
Click Studios provides a Windows Installer for Passwordstate, so your don't have to manually specify web site settings/permissions manually, which can be quite onerous. The following occurs on your web server during an installation of Passwordstate.

Pre-requisite Checks and Installs:

Passwordstate will check for the following pre-requisites on your web server, and if they don't exist it will install them

Files Installed and NTFS Permissions:

Web Site Created:

A web site called 'passwordstate' is created, as well as three IIS Application Pools called 'Passwordstate', 'PasswordstateApps' and 'PasswordstateWinAPI'. The only possible differences with the configuration of the web site is:

Passwordstate Windows Service:

A Windows Service called 'Passwordstate Service' will also be installed, which performs the following functions: