Linking Passwords Between Password Lists

We received an email request from a customer today, and it said “I have a request from the team regarding the sharing of same password by multiple applications. For instance, if Application A and B both using the shared account “SP1” . Do we need to enter the same information twice? Or just one time?”.

Well, the answer is there’s no need to enter the information more than once – you can create a password in one Password List, and then ‘Copy and Link’ the password to a different Password List. Any changes to either copy of the password will be synchronized automatically, with audit records being added for each of the Password Lists, and email alerts as per normal. You can even link the one password across 3 or 4 different Password Lists if you wish.

To link Password records you need to:

Select ‘Copy or Move to Different Password List’ from the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu in the Passwords grid, as per the screenshot below:

Copy or Move to Different Password List


Now you can select the option ‘Copy & Link’ as well as the Password List you want to copy and link too.

Link the Password

Pretty simple when you know the feature is there 🙂

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  1. Ralph Kreienbaum says

    Hello Click Studios team.
    I would like to link a whole password list instead of all entries separately. Otherwise I have the fear that, when someone is adding a new account, he will forget to link it to the other password list.
    Is that possible?
    Thank you.

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