Flexible Options for Hiding Passwords

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Thought we’d share another little feature with you which might not be so obvious to you. On each of the Password Lists screens, there is a ‘Password’ column which shows the masked password and provides a image for you to click on copy the Password to the clipboard – see image below. Did you know there are three options for how long the Password will stay visible on the screen when you click the masked password text? Read on below to find out about each of the three options:

Masked Passwords
To find the option to change how quickly the Passwords will be hidden (masked), visit the page Administration -> System Settings -> Password Options Tab.

Option 1 – Hide Based on a Set Time
Regardless of the length or complexity of the Password, you can hide the Password based on a set time interval – in seconds.

Hide Password Based on Set Time

Option 2 – Hide Based on Complexity of the Password
As you’re aware, each Password is deemed to be of a certain ‘Strength’, and this strength can differ depending on which ‘Password Strength Policy’ is assigned to the Password List. You can set a specific time interval for each of the 5 different Password Strengths – Very Poor, Weak, Average, Strong & Excellent

Hide Password Based on Complexity

Option 3 – Hide Based on Password Length
It can be very difficult to read an unmasked Password in it’s entirety if it is a long password – more than likely it will be hidden before you’ve finished typing the password into a different screen somewhere. To overcome this, you can hide the Password based on different set time intervals, for three different Password Lengths – of which, all can be customized to your liking. Note that Length 3 is greater than or equal to, whereas the other two options are less than or equal to. This means you should set Ā Length 3 to be one value greater than Length 2.

Hide Password Based on Length

We’ll keep posting tips like this for our Password Management Software, and please leave us some comments if there’s anything specific you would like us to explain.

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