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We had an interesting conversation with a customer recently, in that they weren’t aware they could choose which fields they would like to associate with a Password List, or that they could customize the look and feel of the main passwords screen.  To help other customers who may not be aware, we thought we’d write this post.

Customized Fields
When you first create a new Password List, you will see various tabs on the screen. The ‘Customize Fields’  tab is where you can specify which fields you would like to use, which ones you would like to make mandatory for data entry, and also gives you the option to rename any generic fields you choose to use.

If you already have an existing Password List you would like to modify, Administrators of the Password List can do so by selecting ‘Edit Password List Details’ from the ‘List Administrators Actions’ drop-down list.

Once you have the edit screen open, then you can change the fields by clicking on the ‘Customize Fields’ tab again.


Customizing the Passwords Screen
To customize how the password screen appears, you can click on the ‘Screen Options’ button at the top of the page.

Once you have clicked this button, the following tabs will be available to you:

  • Password Columns – Allows you to choose which fields you would like displayed on the grid. If you hide some fields from the grid view, they are still available when you add or edit passwords. You can also choose to apply these field view settings to one or more Password Lists under the section ‘Apply to the following Password Lists’.
  • Passwords Grid – Allows you to choose how many records to display in the grid view, and whether you want to show the Header, Footer or Filters for the grid – as the name implies, Filters allows you to filter contents of the grid based on the values you specify for one or more fields
  • Recent Activity Grid – Similar to the ‘Passwords Grid’ tab, except this is for the auditing grid at the bottom of the screen. Difference here is you can choose to hide this grid completely if required
  • Pager Style – once the number of passwords exceeds the number of rows you want to display in the password grid, a ‘Pager’ will be displayed at the bottom of the grid, allowing you to page through the records. On this tab, you can choose the style of the pager you want displayed – either Buttons or a Slider
  • Chart Settings – To the right of the passwords grid, you can have two charts displayed if you choose – one for a summarized view of the password strength for all passwords in the Password List, and the other for who is most active in making changes in this Password List


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