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Password expiry notification for different domains

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Hey Guys,

This is regarding password expiry notification for different domains..


Can anyone help me out in distinguishing different domain(s) for password expiry notification ? As of now, it does not show for which domain the password is about to expire.


In system settings, under password expiry notification setting, I am only able to see 3 variables, none of them shows for which domain. I have tired to add [UserID] in html code, but no luck. Is there anyway where we can add the domain variable as well ? to be able to show for which domain the user password is about to expire.


Hello [FirstName],
The password for your Active Directory account needs to be reset within the next [Days] day(s). 
If your password expires, you will not be able to log on to the network and perform your work.
Please reset your password either via the Windows Login screen, or via the Password Reset Portal by clicking on the following URL - [PasswordResetPortalURL].

Variables which can be used in this template are [FirstName], [Days] and [PasswordResetPortalURL].

Thank you,


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Hi Gagan,


We actually have this UserID field in a later build of Passwordstate - see screenshot below.


So you will need to upgrade in order to use this feature. If needed, you may also need to upgrade your Portal install as well, and the following document will tell you how to do that, and whether an upgrade of the portal is required - see section '10. Upgrade Dependency Matrix' https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf 


We hope this helps.


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