Please use the following instructions as a guide for providing Click Studios with copies of data for troubleshooting purposes - please note, any sensitive data can be excluded from being provided to Click Studios.

Querying Data:

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio, and mak a connection to your database server
  • Expand the list of databases in the 'Object Explorer' until you find the Passwordstate5 database
  • Expand passwordstate5 -> Tables, right-click on the table requested by Click Studios, and select 'Select Top 1000 Rows'
    Note: It's important you select the correct table here, not the one shown in the screenshot below.

  • Right click on the top-left hand column of the results grid, and select 'Copy with Headers'
  • Paste the results into a spreadsheet and email the spreadsheet to Click Studios

Note:If there is any sensitive data in the spreadsheet you would not like Click Studios to see, please simply delete the appropriate data from the spreadhseet.