Please use the following instructions as a guide for moving an existing Passwordstate web installation to a new server. While it's not necessary, it's recommended you install the same version of Passwordstate on your new web server to rule out any upgrade issues during the migration. Previous builds can be downloaded from here - Download Archive

Installing Passwordstate:

  • Prior to installing Passwordstate on your new web server, if the name of your new web server is changing, then must add the new web server's host name to the list of authorized web servers within Passwordstate. You can do this from the screen Administration -> Authorized Web Servers
  • Download your correct build of Passwordstate from here - Passwordstate Build Archive
  • Now you can follow the instructions in the document General Installation Instructions to install Passwordstate, stopping when you get to section 'Configuring Passwordstate for First Time Use'
  • If you are using a CNAME DNS entry to resolve the URL binding for your web site, you will now need to edit the DNS entry and update the host name of your new web server (the DNS entry is used so you can type http://passwordstate into your browser)
  • If you are using an SSL Certificate with your existing installation of Passwordstate, then you will also need to configure this new installation to use a SSL Certificate as well
  • Now you need to copy the web.config file from your existing installation (found in the root of the Passwordstate folder) to your new installation - this file includes settings for the database connection string, and as of Build 7580, split secrets which form part of the encryption keys. Note: If you have encrypted your database connection string, or AppSettings section of the web.config file, you will need to decrypt these prior to moving this file. Instructions for this can be found in the Installation Documentation - General Installation Instructions.
  • If you are using RSA's SecurID two-factor authentication with Passwordstate, you will also need to copy across the file located in the /securid folder
  • Restart the Passwordstate Windows Service on your new web server (after the Service has been restarted, it will recreate any custom Logos or images you have uploaded into Passwordstate - you may need to give it a minute or two to do this)
  • Restart your Passwordstate web site in IIS

If everything has been done correctly above, you should now be able to point your browser to the new Passwordstate web site.