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Autofill for websites with dynamic field names

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Hello Click Studios team


We are using a website which changes the field ids for the username and password at every reload. Maybe to prevent a usage of a password tool. ;-)

The last part of the ids are always the same, but the first 3-4 characters are random.

Is it possible to store the field ids in the passwordstate database in a way that wildcards are used to match the database entries with the website?

I already tried %, * and $, unfortunately without luck. I assume that you use an equal operator instead of like, don't you?


Maybe this is something for one of your next versions. :-)


Have a good day


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Hi Ralph,


Actually, if you clear the ID's on the 'Browser Form Fields' tab for your password record, restart your browser, then go to login to this site, does it form fill? When the fields are blank, we do attempt to form fill, so possibly a better option would be on the password record itself to say 'Do not auto-update Field IDs'.


Click Studios

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