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System Wide API Key - Update permissions

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I'm trying to update notes and description via powershell and the API. When using the PUT method for Invoke-Restmethod it throws and error


Invoke-Restmethod : [{"errors":[{"message":"Not Found"},{"phrase":"PasswordListID '1' Not Found in the Database."}]}]

PasswordListID 1 is where the password is, I have not passed this via the API call.


I am using the system wide API key, if I generate a key for that list specifically it works OK. Is this expected behavior?

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Hi afrench,

Can you confirm you are still using version 7, since you've posted in the version 7 forums?

The System Wide API Key should be able to be used for Shared Password Lists, but not Private ones. Is the list you're working with Shared or Private? The later builds of version 8 should tell you if you're trying to use the System Wide API Key with Private Lists.


Click Studios

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I was sure the list I was testing was a shared list, having checked again today it it was private. 


I've changed it to a shared list and now the system key works as expected.



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