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Powershell WinRM HTTPS Listener

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I see that Passwordstate relies on a HTTP listener for password resets for Windows computer. My environment is 100% HTTPS listeners. So I thought I'd update the default scripts with the  "-UseSSL" parameter for any New-PSSession commands.

I'm just wondering if my changes will be overwritten when i for example upgrade Passwordstate to a new version?


Edit: Actually I've just now seen i can't edit the inbuilt scripts. So I'll just copy them and make my changes and add as a new script. So problem solved i guess :)





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Hi Again,


So I've managed to edit the password reset script, but how do i edit the discovery script?


If i go into "Test this script manually" and make the following changes, it works.


Script: "Discover Windows Local Admin Accounts"

Changes: Line 181 and 188


Add -UseSSL after "-Authentication 'Default'". It works in the test screen, but how do I save the script permanently.


If not i get a WinRM error, obviously as it's trying over HTTP which isn't enabled.



I managed to get it to work, but i don't think it's supported :)
I edited the source file here: E:\passwordstate\setup\scripts\Get-LocalAdminAccounts.ps1


Then I went into the Script section of the website and pressed the button "Restore default script" and my edit is noe ready for use and works well.


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Hi Jack,


Yes, that is the process for modifying and restoring the scripts, but please be aware that if we ever need to update a script at any stage, it will overwrite your changes.


Click Studios

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