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Frank Niethardt

Password Expiry Notification

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We tried to configure a notification if a password on certain password lists is about to expire - as we have to manually change it as long as it is not expired. 


Is there anything you can configure besides setting an expiry date? We only found pointers to the password reset portal, but that is not what we are looking for...



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Hi Frank,


Possibly you could set up a scheduled report for the Expiring Password, which can be found here:




One the actual password itself, what kind of things are you hoping to configure other than the expiry date?  You could force the use of a strong password to be set?  Or there are other options you could consider which are on the Password List Edit page:




Or perhaps you could add in some extra fields if you need to store more information about the password, rather than just the standard fields like username and Password?




Does this help at all?




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