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Understanding In-place Upgrades with HA

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Hello folks,


I'd like to get some additional detail on what it takes to get in-place upgrades working for HA instances of Passwordstate.  We've only been able to do a manual upgrade at this point and I'd like to begin to troubleshooting that.  A few things to know:


This is in Azure  (seems fine)

We use Azure SQL for the DB (also fine)

We use the Azure LB technologies (Traffic Manager, AppGateway w/WAF)

These OS on these servers are hardened (<-likely a contributing factor)


I've gone over the upgrade guide but we've never been able to get even the Primary node to upgrade in place.  It appears to do what it should in that it will create the backup, then pull down the upgrade file(s), stop services etc., but it will then hang but nothing really reported in the error console.  I'm guessing I need to solve that issue first and then move on to the secondary nodes.


Just looking for a starting point as logs don't seem to contain much.



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Hello cwaters,


This is the process for our In-Place Upgrade feature:


  • Stop the Passwordstate Windows Service(s)
  • Backup Up Passwordstate, if option enabled - this is backing up the Passwordstate folder and database (DB backup can be disabled). 
  • Remove old backups files
  • Download the Passwordstate_Upgrade.zip file - this retrieves this initially from https://www.clickstudios.com.au/getupgradefile.aspx, which then grabs it from our CDN network here https://passwordstate-8665.kxcdn.com/passwordstate_upgrade.zip. This downloads into the folder C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\upgrades\passwordstate
  • Extract the zip file in the same folder
  • Copy all the files from this extracted zip into the root of the Passwordstate folder, overwriting all files. For this, we impersonate the 'Backup' account you have specified, and use the .NET Framework System.IO.DirectoryInfo and 'CopyTo' for copying the files
  • Delete all the files from the extracted zip file
  • Start the Passwordstate Windows Services(s)
  • Log out of Passwordstate
  •  Log back into Passwordstate, and finish database upgrades
  •  Log out of Passwordstate again and upgrade is complete

So it sounds like its hanging on either the extraction of the zip file, or copy of the new files - possibly NTFS permission related? What permissions does your backup account have on the web server? Are your Application Pools in IIS still set for NETWORK SERVICE, or have you changed this?


Click Studios

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