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Pass through the user’s authenticated AD account to the remote host (for RDP)

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Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could just passthrough the credentials?


We now use Apache Guacamole (https://guacamole.apache.org/) as remote desktop gateway, and you can set ${GUAC_USERNAME} and ${GUAC_PASSWORD} in the RDP settings, so the account you are logged in with in the web interface is also used for RDP, without the need for retyping or store it and the risk of going out-of-sync when it’s changed in AD.

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We do not actually store the password for AD user accounts at all, so we're not sure if this would be possible. I guess we could try and keep track of the password when a user authenticates, but if using Passthrough authentication, then this would also not be possible.

It really is quite quick and simple to create a Remote Session Credential for this purpose, so hopefully you can use that in the short-term.


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