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Beau P.

Employee Onboarding and Password resets

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I installed the trial today and I've been searching through the documentation and I'm having trouble finding the preferred ways to handle these two actions.


Scenario #1:

When new employees are onboarded, they are provided with a list of temporary passwords for different systems we use. What is the correct (or preferred) way to handle providing the initial temporary passwords to the user in PasswordState? I was looking for a way to "send" a password to a user's private password list but it doesn't look like that is possible.


Scenario #2:

A user has forgotten a password to a system. The manager resets the password. What is the preferred way to handle providing the user with the new password? The method for this is probably similar or identical to Scenario #1.

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Hello Beau,

Thanks for your enquiry, and please see responses below.

Scenario #1 - that is correct about Private Password Lists - only the owner of the List has accessed to that. The only option I can think of here is our Self Destruct Message feature, if these need to be stored in Private Lists - but that might be more work than needed.
Scenario #2 - Again possibly a Self Destruct Message for this. But if more than one user is meant to have access to these Passwords, you could also use a Shared Password List and restrict access to this list.

Sorry we don't have any ideal solution for this, but you are quite restricted when using Private Password Lists.


Click Studios


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I think I found a workaround.


1. Administrator creates a shared list with permissions only to themselves and the intended user and calls it something like "onboarding accounts for <first> <last>"

2. Administrator loads the list with the temporary passwords

3. Administrator removes their access to the list

4. Administrator converts the list to a private list


Do you see any issues in my process there? It seems to work on my trial install.



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Haha no worries. My company is in software development as well and customers come up with some wild uses for our software that we would never have dreamed of!


I appreciate the help. If we decide to continue with the product after the trial, I may enter a feature request for consideration to streamline that process a little.



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