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Convert Private Password List to Shared Password List

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Under certain circumstances, a company using Passwordstate may need to access a Private Password List.  There are a number of reasons this might be required, but by default the ability to do this is locked down by default as we do not want to allow Security Administrators to gain access to user’s Private Password Lists.  If you can imagine, some people will store personal credit cards or Facebook logins etc in these types of lists, with the understanding that no one can get access to them.  However if it is your company policy to allow this to happen, we can unlock this feature for you.


To unlock this feature we have a process you must follow as a once off action:


1. Go to Administration -> Feature Access -> Restricted Features and generate a request code for Step 1 in screenshot below

2. Email the generated code to click studios on support@clickstudios.com.au, and also CC in your line manager.  More than one person at your company needs to be aware this process is taking place, as once again, this is a very sensitive topic and we don't want to be giving out access to private data without approval

3. Click Studios will email you back with a new code, which you can paste into the field #2 in the screenshot below

4. Now you can convert a private list to a shared list from Administration -> Password Lists as per the last screenshot below

5. By requesting this from Click Studios you are acknowledge you are not breaking any laws in your country


Screenshot #1




Screenshot #2





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