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Create Host and Password via API

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I am trying to use the API to add a host, then a password and then link it to that host. 

I want the account to appear as the "RDP linked Credential"


I first check if the host exists, if not it gets created. This works fine and I get my HostID. 

I then create the credential, I am specifying "HostName" which is a match for the Host object that I created. 

If I now try to delete my Host, it will tell me that there is a linked account. 


So in my mind, this has worked. However, from the RDP Linked credentials drop down, there are  no items found and I still need to search for this account manually. 


How can I get the accounts linked for RDP via the API? 

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Hi James,


Sorry if I've misunderstood, but we don't have any methods in our API for creating Remote Session Credentials - is this what you mean by "RDP Linked Credential". Or maybe you mean you are using the API to create the Host record and Password record, but in the UI you will be creating the Remote Session Credential manually?


Can you contact us via our support page here https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx and provide screenshots of your Host record, Remote Session Credentials record, and also the password record - this we we can see if there is some sort of mismatch here. And, can you confirm what build of Passwordstate you are using?



Click Studios

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