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Linked credentials not working

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So I have a set up a host and linked credential for SQL, but the credential doesn't seem to be linked. 


I've filled in the Host name, selected the Database server for SQL and changed the port to 1434. 


In the linked credential I've copied the Host name and selected the correct password, however in hosts it doesn't seem to be linked. (-- No Linked Credentials Found --). Up until now I've never had this problem, but the only thing I've done differently is change the port number for the Database in the Host properties. 


If I remove the port number the credentials seem to get linked. 


Also the button Manual Launch is greyed out. 


What am I missing? 

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Can you confirm if you are using version 7 or 8 of Passwordstate - you've submitted this post into version 7?


If you are still on version 7, we might need you to upgrade before we troubleshoot this further, as we have had no other reports of this in version 8.

If you are using version 8, can you contact us via our support page here https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx and provide screenshots of your Host record, Remote Session Credentials record, and also the password record - this we we can see if there is some sort of mismatch here.


Click Studios

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