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Title in Google Authenticator

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Hey Jasper. I brought this up quite a bit ago but didn't see any updates yet.


It looks like they are not including the "Issuer" parameter when generating the QR codes. Some authenticator apps use this for the Title. Others just use the Label.


I have been generating my own QR codes for a separate application and this works as expected.


The URI should be similar to:



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I'm not sure if they will want to add an option to do this...but it could be handy for those that want to customize it.


In the meantime, you can create your own barcode via the following format:


Just grab the secret from your authentication options page and run it through a QR generator.


I made a simple PowerShell module to generate custom QR codes... https://github.com/arnydo/qrgenerator/blob/master/invoke-qrgenerator.ps1

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Hi Parrishk,


Instead of creating your own QR code it's probably easier just to rename the entry in the Google Authenticator app. :)
In our case our users found the current title Paswordstate-domain-username quite "ugly". This isn't a big thing of course, but an option in the System Settings would be nice.


Thanks for the QR code powershell module. It could be useful one day.



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