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Do Not Update Schedule When Selecting "Run Now"

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We're running v8.4, Build 8459. We have discovery jobs set to run at specific times (e.g. "Weekly - 01:00"). When running an on-demand discovery, the job's schedule is changed to one minute in the future and the frequency is reset to daily (see example).


My feature request: Ability to run on-demand jobs without affecting the previously established schedule.


I mean, the workarounds are to create a new discovery job as a one-off, or go back and update the schedule after. Neither is particularly desirable. It would be great if we could run on-demand discoveries while not affecting the defined schedule--or even as a compromise, could the ad-hoc job at least maintain/honor the defined frequency (daily/weekly/etc)?







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Thanks for your request Geoff.


The reason we change this is because the Windows Service triggers this of the schedule, so the only way currently to 'Run The Discovery Job Now', is to change the schedule.


We'll look to see if we can modify this so that schedule is restored after the job is run, or possible some other method we can think of.


Click Studios

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