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Secrete Key Issue - Server Failed - Moved Passwordstate to a new server

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I am needing some help with a secret key issue for my Passwordstate instance. Long story short, my server that was hosting the passwordstate failed and I do not have a successful backup of the system no do I have a backup of the passwords stored in the Passwordstate. I do have a backup of the SQL database. 


What I have done so far, I created a new virtual machine with Windows 10 Pro. I have installed Microsoft SQL 2017 Express and Passwordstate build 8345. I have followed the instructions to move the database to a new server by following this instructions: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/documentation/move-new-database-server.aspx


The issue I have is a Secret Key Issue. Please see the attached image which shows a screen shot of the error. I believe this is due to the security keys between the SQL database and the web config file. I don't have the original web config file. I know the SQL user account works because I can log in with the passwordstate_user and it's given password in the web config file using the SQL Server Management Tool 2017.


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Actually, disregard. I found the web.config file which had the secret keys in it. I just copied that file to the new server, changed the server name in the web config file, and put the emergency access key in. After that, I was back into the passwordstate instance. 

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