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Retrieving a Password via API and Curl

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Hello, I am able to pull passwords from passwordstate using powershell put am unable to pull via curl. Can someone please help me convert this?


This Works in powershell: 

$PasswordstateUrl = 'https://passwordstate.example.com/api/passwords/1111'
Invoke-Restmethod -Method GET -Uri $PasswordstateUrl -Header @{ "APIKey" = "fdafdasfqewfsdfsd6" }





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Here are some of the commands that i've tried.


curl  -k -sS --request GET https://passwordstate.example.com/api/passwords/1111 -d "apikey=fdafdasfqewfsdfsd6"


[{"errors":[{"message":"No Authorization"},{"phrase":"An error has occurred trying to validate the API Key for PasswordID '3481'. Please check the PasswordID and API Key values have been specified, and are correct."}]}]



curl -v -k -sS --request GET https://passwordstate.example.com/api/searchpasswords/1111/title="abcdinst GPG Passphrase" -d "apikey=fdafdasfqewfsdfsd6"

<hr><p>HTTP Error 400. The request is badly formed.</p>



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We don't have much experience with Curl, but for your first command, can you try changing the -d to a -H - the API Key can be set either in the URL (not recommended), or the Header Request. And in curl, I think this is a -H for header request.


The second issue may be spaces in the title field search, but I cannot be sure. Below is some old documentation for searching with curl, but again the API Key should go in the header request.


# General Search by Password List
    curl https://passwordstate/api/searchpasswords/<PasswordListID>?search=<value>&apikey=<value>
    # General Search across all Password Lists and all Fields (must use System Wide API Key) 
    curl https://passwordstate/api/searchpasswords/?search=<value>&apikey=<value>

    # Specific Search, by 'Title', within a Password List
    curl https://passwordstate/api/searchpasswords/<PasswordListID>?title=<value>&apikey=<value>

    # Specific Search, by 'Username', within a Password List
    curl https://passwordstate/api/searchpasswords/<PasswordListID>?username=<value>&apikey=<value>

    # Specific Search, by 'Title' and 'Username', across all Password Lists (must use System Wide API Key)
    curl https://passwordstate/api/searchpasswords/?title=<value>&username=<value>&apikey=<value>



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