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Password State install keeps running and never finishes

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I followed the instructions for installing on 2012 R2 , however it seems to be a bit outdated because in the SQL setup there was some pages with alot more options however I left these default and changed what was outlined in the guide.


When I go to run the passwordstate.exe i get to the point where I click install and then it just sits at this window for hours.





I've tried running it as admin, starting it over, but no matter what it just keeps doing this, I let it run for 3+ hours and it still was doing this. I'm not even sure where to start to debug this or if there is even install logs. Any advice is welcome.

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One thing I did notice is that the only download I can find for SQL express 2016 is R1 which is not what shows in the guide, would this cause an issue?


EDIT: It seems like with the R1 it provides many more feature selections, so I unchecked everything that was not needed and made sure the ones in the guide are checked, hoping this reolsves it will keep everyone posted.

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Hello dkraklan,


At the time of installing Passwordstate, it does not check what version of SQL Server you are using at all - and you can use any version of SQL Server, from 2012 and above.


Did you end up having some success with the install - we've never actually seen the installer hang like this? I saw some other posts from you this morning, so possibly you have it working now.


Click Studios

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I was able to get it working with R1. The install worked flawlessly, I decided to just start fresh reload my VM with server 2012 and load SQL server 2016 R1.


however after I completed the setup in the web interface and tried to login I started having the issue outlined in this topic.



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