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Feature Request: 'Add Host' In Other Areas

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(Full Disclosure: We are running v8.1 (Build 8165), so not sure if below has been added in subsequent updates. Or if it exists and I've missed it.)


Feature Request:

We manage numerous hosts that cannot be captured by the various Host discovery options. As such, we have to manually add hosts a couple times per week. One of the issues is when we go to add an account, sometimes the Host record doesn't exist. In that case, we have to back out of the password screen and go into the Hosts > View All Hosts Records > Add Host. It would be extremely helpful if Passwordstate supported adding a Host from the Add New Password screen for users that have such permissions. Also, if the Hosts homepage could include an Add Hosts link as it is confusing for new users (and inefficient for established users) to have to go into the View All Hosts Records page before the Add Host option becomes available.


Thank you.

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Hi Geoff,


Thanks for your request and we'll see if we can come up with something for this. The main design issue I think we'll have is that we don't want one popup window on top of another i.e. Add Host screen on top of Add Password screen. Possibly we could just add the Host if not found based on what you type into the textbox, but there may be certain fields that need changing for the Host i.e. Operating System.

We'll have a think for what's possible here.


Click Studios

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