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SharePoint Integration

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We are in the process of implementing Passwordstate for tracking and automatic resetting of our company's passwords. We have a number of SharePoint servers that handle some public web data, and I'd like to be able to add these to the automatic cycle.


However, I'm running into 2 different challenges.


1) The Account Discovery doesn't find the accounts that are being used within SharePoint - it picks up on the service accounts without an issue, but won't show, for example, the account that handles the SharePoint crawl service, since that account is set within SharePoint, and isn't a Windows service. Is there any way for me to grab these accounts?

2) Our Web Developers are telling me that we need to use special SharePoint PowerShell commands to reset the passwords for the SharePoint accounts in order to ensure these resets don't cause any issues. Has anyone written scripts for this for Passwordstate?

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Hello JGCovalt,


We're sorry you're having some issues with this, but we can only Discover and perform resets on standard Windows Services, which are configured to run under the identity of a domain account. We're not aware of any customers creating custom PowerShell scripts for this, but if you're developers can let us know what PowerShell commands need to be executed, then possibly we can help you develop a custom script which can be associated with an account in Passwordstate? I'm assuming this 'crawl' account is also an Active Directory account?


Click Studios

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