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Unable to import passwords

Guest Michael

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Guest Michael

Tried importing passwords and get this error every time:


Error Code = Object reference not set to an instance of an object., StackTrace = at Passwordstate.Password.AddPassword(String Title, String UserName, String Description, Object GenericField1, Object GenericField2, Object GenericField3, Object GenericField4, Object GenericField5, Object GenericField6, Object GenericField7, Object GenericField8, Object GenericField9, Object GenericField10, Int32 AccountTypeID, String Notes, String URL, String Password, Object ExpiryDate, Boolean AllowExport, String PasswordList, Int32 PasswordListID, Boolean NotifyUsers, String PrivilegedAccountID, Boolean EnablePasswordResetSchedule, String PasswordResetSchedule, String AddDaysToExpiryDate, Boolean PasswordResetEnabled, String WebUser_ID, String WebPassword_ID, String ValidationScriptID, String HeartbeatSchedule, Boolean RequiresCheckOut, Boolean ChangeOnCheckin, String CheckInSchedule, String ScriptID, String HostID, String ADDomainID, Boolean HeartbeatEnabled, String ValidatewithPrivAccount) at Passwordstate.Password.AddPasswordViaCSV(Int32 PasswordListID, String PasswordList, String FileName, Boolean NotifyUsers, Boolean TestImport)

I have exported template, put only a single letter in the fields that are required and closed the file before importing.  Still fails.  I have also tried other password lists.

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Hi Michael,


Thanks for reporting this bug, and we actually fixed it yesterday for the Beta 2 release coming early next week. If you need to import data before then, then you can also use our API, but we'll comment back here once Beta 2 is released next week.


Click Studios

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