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Hi There


I just updated to Build 8000 and I wannted to try out the new Scheduled Reports. When I access "Scheduled Reports" with my normal user (without Security Administration Rights) and I click to "Add Report" I get the following message:



In the Administration area I get the follwoing informations about this error:



With my Security Administrator-Account I'm able to access "Add Reports". When I do this with IE, I found a little imperfection. The dropdown menu "Please choose the appropriate report below." is a little bit to wide for the container around the element. Unfortunately I'm not able to upload a screenshot in this forum, I always get this error: You are only allowed to upload 10.24kb.

Edit: I've just seen, that my attachement-space for my account is running out: "You have used 493.07 kB of your 500 kB attachment limit. ". Is there a possability to extend my attachement-space? 500 kb isn't really much :-)


Best regards,




Edited by Fabian Näf
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Hi Fabian,


Thanks very much for reporting these bugs, and we have fixed them for the next release. The dropdown issue only seemed to show in IE.


We'll also look into these attachment limits with our forum software - thanks for reporting that also.


Click Studios

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