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version 7393 + auto update, problem at ver 7580

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Multiple upgrade versions appear to have worked until version 7580, was presented an error message that said we needed to add Secret1 and Secret2 keys to the Web.Config file "exactly as shown" and we did.   The quoted field of those keys were "" (blank).

Upgrade process seemed to continue until this error presented itself:


Is this just a matter of verifying Secret3 and Secret4 exist in the Systemsettings table?   

Should both of those values also be "" (blank) ?  

Follow up question, is the support@ email address shown in the above screen shot still being used?
I haven't seen any bounce messages, nor have their been any replies from that account.


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Hi jpolli,

We're sorry you've run into this issue with the upgrade. Do you remember exactly at what stage you come across this error?

I think we need to look at some log files and data to determine what's going on, so we will contact you via email - and yes, that support email address is still valid, and we receive emails every day at that address.


Click Studios

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