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With recent updates to Chrome in the first half of 2017, the Chrome browser could potentially treat your certificate as not secure.  Looking at the Security Overview in the Developer Tools, it would not complain about a Subject Alternative Name missing on the Certificate:




Generating a new certificate through IIS does not fix the issue, as it does not yet include the functionality to specify a Subject Alternative Name.  Below are two possible work arounds you can use, depending on what infrastructure you have in your environment:


1. If you are using the standard Self Signed Certificate that comes installed with Passwordstate, this forum post outlines the steps required to generate a new certificate using Powershell:



2. Or, If you have a Certificate Store set up in Active Directory, this forum post describes how to generate a new certificate from your store with the correct properties:




If you have any issues with either of these processes, please contact click studios on support@clickstudios.com.au





Click Studios



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