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Set Permissions of Passwordlist by API

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Hi There


Currently we are migration our passwords from an old solution to Passwordstate by using the API.

I'm wondering, is there a way to set multiple group-permissions to a Passwordlist by API?

As I understand the manual, I have the following options, when creating a Passwordlist:

1. Copy Permissions from Template CopyPermissionsFromTemplateID=3

2. Copy Permissions from Passwordlist CopyPermissionsFromPasswordListID=3

2. Set one (1) Group by an ID ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupID=3

3. Set one (1) User by Username ApplyPermissionsForUserID="domain\user"


We like to grant multiple group permissions to a PasswordList by API. How can we do this?

I found only one way: Copy Permissions from an existing Template/Passwordlist. But in this case, I have to prepare my permissions and I'm not able to set the permissions individually during my script.


Is there a possibility to update Passwordlists in general?

I didn't found anything in the API documentation.


By the way:

Do you have a Security Guidance, Whitepaper, Best-Practice, how to set the permissions and how to organize the groups. 

Would you suggest to create a group for each Department? Or would you suggest to create groups based on Security/Trust-Level of the users? 

Do you have suggestions for the permission process? (Approval...)?

Do you have example szenarios, in which you suggest to use the different Permission-Models?


Best regards,



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Hi Fabian,


Sorry, but we do not have the ability to set permissions via the API like you need, or update Password List settings once the List has been created. As you've said, you would need to set the permissions correctly first on the Template or Password List you are copying from.


As you're aware, you can set a folder to propagate permissions down to all nested Password Lists, so possibly this is an option for you. Or instead of trying to set permissions via the API, you can also do this in bulk via the screen Administration -> Password Lists, and the from the 'Perform Bulk Processing' dropdown list.

We don't really have any Best Practise guides for permissions, as every customer has different requirements - we've just built the various permission models based on customer feedback over the years, giving you the option to choose what makes most sense for you.


If you go to our Training Videos page, there are multiple videos you can watch to give you some idea of why permission model is best suited for your organisation - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-videos.html



Click Studios

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