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Disable Emails for specific List only

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Hi, I've made a new Shared List where I don't want any users to get any notification emails from it. 

All the participating users also have access to other Shared Lists where I do want them to get notification emails.

It would be great if notifications could be turned off for a specific list. At the moment I only seem to disable on a per user (or group of users) basis

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Hi RobM,


We do have a pending request for this, from a couple of other users, so we agree this would be good to include in a future version.  We're currently trying to finish off developing Passwordstate 8, but we do intend on working through the back log of requests we have as soon as we finish our next major version.  It may take a few months to get this into a build, but We'll report back here as soon as it is available.


The tracking ID for this request is PS-2067 and you are welcome to email us any time on support@clickstudios.com.au to get more information about it, if you need it.  




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