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Allow users to send Google Auth 2FA email

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We've had a few users upgrade phones. So I've been requested to send their Google Auth 2FA email. (As per screenshot.)

I just thought it'd be useful if users could do this themselves.


I could see it working as follows...

Enter their username/password as normal until they reach the "Google Verification Code" screen.
From there, they click a small link (Perhaps "Reset Google Auth"); which will ask them to verify their email address. (They've already verified their username & password).
Once they have entered their correct email address, Passwordstate sends them a Temporary Pin Code they'll need to enter. Once they've entered that pin code, they get sent the email containing the barcode / authorization code.



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Hi Sarge,


Thanks very much for the suggestion - we really appreciate it. We do have authentication options where Username/Password and Google Auth are all on the one screen (when using AD authentication), so we'll need to consider how we could achieve that on these screens.


If you're not aware, if you clear the Secret Key on this screen, then the user is prompted to create another one when they login. Not ideal though as you still need to do something for your users, so we'll look into the other options as soon as we can.



Click Studios

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