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Linux Password Validation

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I am looking for a script that can validate the root account on linux, but by signing in as another account first of all.


We restrict it so root can only log on via the console session for security purposes but we would still like to be able to validate the password by logging on with a privileged account and then performing an "su -" to root to validate the password as we are changing the root password on a regular basis.


Does anybody have this script or similar or where I could start looking to produce this as not very good with powershell.





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Hi Lee,

Thanks for your enquiry, but unfortunately this is not possible with how Passwordstate is currently architected. We would need to make a change where you could select a checkbox which says to authenticate with the Privileged Account Credential selected for the record, and then validate using the password's credentials. This should be relatively easy to change, but we would need to work out what command to execute for the many different flavours of Linux, to someone confirm the root account is valid.

We'll post back here if we're able to work out a solution, but it might take a little while as we're currently trying to finish version 8 of Passwordstate.


Click Studios

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