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I cannot delete a folder i have created.

Im logged on as admin and have admin permission on this folder. No password lists exists as i see in this folder, maybe a private that i cannot see? If so how can i list them and delete them?
Have read the manual but im still stuck.
I can create new folders with different Folder Permission Models and propagated or not adn delete those but not this one.





Now i got this smart idea, how about changeing permission on the folder then change back? Baam i locked myself out from admin permissions to modify permission.. so how can i delete this folder now? :wacko:

Kinda clumsy i know:lol: but now im learning something from it.






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Sorry, we don't quite understand the question. Are you saying you want to delete the highlighted 'Remax' Password List? If so, you can do this from the Password List itself, from the List Administrators dropdown list, which is just beneath the Passwords Grid. In the Administration area, is it possible this Password List is a Private one, which is why it's not showing on the screen for you - as you have no clicked on the 'Private' radio button there?


Click Studios

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