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Addition of 'Contacts'

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I was just going through and resetting a stack of user passwords for various services (LDAP, AD and vSphere) and sending the user the self destruct email.

The contacts don't exist as Passwordstate as users because they don't need to.

The passwords I was resetting and sending are recorded in a private password list and shared. The user can then reset the password and record it however they do that for their personal passwords.
In this instance, Passwordstate is simply the secure password generator/sharing/access method.


What I found would be quite useful is the ability to add 'contacts' to Passwordstate so that we aren't manually typing the email addresses or copying/pasting between our Outlook address books and Passwordstate.
These contacts would only serve as recipients of reports or other Passwordstate emails and wouldn't count towards the license count.

They'd function similar to users in that they are selectable when sending emails from Passwordstate (Such as self-destruct emails).


In short...a Passwordstate 'address book' for easier email composing. Potential integration in the future with Exchange GAL or Office 365, Google Apps etc.

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Thanks very much for your suggestion Sarge.


We're working very hard on version 8 at the moment, but this is something we can consider once V8 is complete, and we've prioritised the back log of other feature requests.


Thanks Again.

Click Studios

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